1. Can I use the SIM Card in the middle of the Ocean?
AIS SIM Card is a Roaming SIM Card that connects to available networks from local providers. You cannot use it outside the coastal areas where the network is not available. 

2. Top-up balance after activation.
 If you activate the TOPUP By dialing access code the TOPUP amount will automatically deduct the required amount to activate the package. Therefore the balance load in your SIM will become low or zero because the amount in your SIM load converted to package.
 To: Check your number please dial *545# then call
 To: ChecK SIM expiry date dial *121# then call
 To: ChecK Package balance dial *121*3# then call
 To  check the remaining DATA please dial *111*6# then call.

3. AIS SIM Card expiration
 The SIM Card has about a 1-year shelf life you can buy in advance and use it later before the expiry date. The Data duration will start when the SIM Card inserted in the device (automatically activate when inserting in the mobile).
 When we start to use, the SIM will expire about 180 days, and we recommend you to TOP-UP within 180 days to remain the SIM Card active. Every TOP-UP will add another 180 days or more to the SIM Card expiry date.
  It is possible to extend your SIM Card for one year validity when you request for TOP-UP ( Example you order $ 15.00 or Php 810) to process special extension you will receive several TOP-UP notifications in a small amount ( maybe more than 10 SMS notification).

GLOBAL Coverage + 81 Countries
  • A 15-day 4GB GLOBAL TOPUP Non-Stop Roaming package subscriber can use the data at max speed for 4GB for 15 days. After the allowance is exhausted, the customer can use data at the speed of 128 Kbps until the package validity end.
  • 1GB on-top Data Roaming package subscriber can use max speed internet for 1GB within three days. Once the allowance is reached, the service will be suspended automatically
  • 15GB ( $105.00) on-top Data Roaming package subscriber can use max speed internet for 15GB within 365 days. Once the allowance is reached, the service will be suspended automatically.
  • The package can be used in the countries listed in the package details only and will not function outside the designated countries.
4. Deduction to TOPUP

Please note AIS SIM2Fly is FREE!! Dial code for checking the balance, SIM expiry date, and other services but excessive dialing this code in some countries might cost a certain fee; this fee will deduct to the current balance.

As an example,  some subscriber keeps dialing access code to check the balance or activate the SIM card is a very weak signal. Please note you might not receive the SMS notification instantly due to weak signal, but  all those Dials are successful but respond is delayed due to poor reception.  We recommend not to dial the access code when the network signal is very poor.

Another reason for deduction is when you are trying to call or send an SMS to any country, AIS SIM2FLY has a CALLand SMS Functionality. Therefore, your TOPUP will be deducted in using this service as a roaming call and text rate.

If your load is insufficient to activate any package due to deduction, you can request only for minimum TOPUP. Example. THB10.00 only.


AIS SIM ( ASIA /AUSTRALIA ) Coverage:  20 Countries including Thailand

1. Australia 2. Brunei 3. Cambodia 4. China (including Tibet) 5. Hong Kong 6. India 7. Indonesia 8. Japan 9. Laos 10. Macau 11. Malaysia 12. Myanmar 13. Nepal 14. Philippines 15. Qatar 16.Singapore 17. South Korea 18.Sri Lanka 19.Taiwan 20. Vietnam


GLOBAL COVERAGE + 81 Countries including Thailand

1. Åland Islands,2. Albania NEW! 3. Argentina 4. Armenia NEW! 5. Australia 6. Austria 7. Bangladesh 8. Belgium 9. Brunei 10. Bulgaria 11. Cambodia 12. Canada 13. China (including Tibet) 14. Colombia 15. Croatia 16. Czech Republic 17. Denmark 18. Egypt 19. England 20. Estonia 21. Faroe Islands NEW! 22. Finland23. France24. Germany 25. Ghana NEW! 26. Greece 27. Hong Kong 28. Hungary 29. Iceland 30. India 31. Indonesia 32. Ireland 33. Israel 34. Italy 35. Japan 36. Kuwait 37. Laos 38. Latvia 39. Liechtenstein 40. Lithuania41. Macau 42. Macedonia 43. Malaysia 44. Malta NEW! 45. Mexico 46. Myanmar 47. Nepal 48. Netherlands 49. New Zealand 50. North Ireland 51. Norway 52. Oman 53. Pakistan 54. Philippines 55. Poland 56. Portugal 57. Puerto Rico 58. Qatar 59. Russia 60. San Marino 61. Scotland 62. Serbia 63. Singapore 64. Slovak Republic NEW! 65. Slovenia 66. South Africa 67. South Korea 68. Spain 69. Sri Lanka 70. Svalbard and Jan Mayen 71. Sweden 72. Switzerland 73. Taiwan 74. Turkey 75. Ukraine NEW! 76. United State of America (Include Hawaii) 77. United States Virgin Islands 78. Uzbekistan 79. Vatican City 80. Vietnam 81. Wales



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