What is GlocalMe?

GlocalMe is a mobile communication service and solution, which enables international travelers to access mobile internet globally + 100 Countries. GlocalMe devices are portable SIM-free, Wi-Fi hotspots, supporting a maximum of five devices.


SIM Free connection for travel 
With the adoption of CloudSIM technology, it will automatically connect to the best local network instantly. You can enjoy a fast and stable internet connection once it launches. It breaks the norm of single network limitations.  Travelers can now travel around the globe with a single gadget that will broaden the horizons. 
GlocalMe means “Global,” “Local,” and “Me,” which indicating everyone can enjoy the local network everywhere. With the fairer and competitive local rate, it makes “Connect Global, Pay Local” come true. 
How to use GlocalMe device and service?

If you have a GlocalMe device ( G4 or U2S), you need to create a GlocalMe account. Once registered, log in the account on your device and top-up your account to enjoy GlocalMe service.


Do I need to have a GlocalMe account?
Yes, all users must register a GlocalMe account to enjoy GlocalMe network service.
If I lose my device, what should I do?

Please change the password of your GlocalMe account and deactivate the device immediately to protect your balance and package. Also, you might report to our SHOREACCESS team as well.


How much GlocalMe service charge?
GlocalMe charges based on data usage, including Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) and Data Package. From your mobile Apps, you can choose a various Data package that will suit during the duration of your travel.
How much is the device?
GlocalMe G4 = $160.00 ( PHP 8,600)
GlocaMe U2S =$100.00 ( PHP 5,400)
Using GlocalMe with a local SIM or Roaming in SIM card slot.

Using GlocalMe with a local SIM card is easy if the country where you purchase the card makes it easy for you.


Can I use my AIS SIM2FLY or 3UK SIM Card?
Yes, any DATA SIM Card such as SIM2FLY or 3UK SIM or any local SIM cards can be used in GLOCAL ME POCKET WIFI.
AIS SIM2FLY or 3UK do not cover some countries.

What is the difference if I use SIM2FLY or 3UK comparing the Glocal me apps coverage?
1. In GLocal Me Apps, you can purchase a designated location and TOPUP value on your own from the apps in paying online. There is a various package to choose from depending on the countries you are visiting.
2. We can also process a Manual TOPUP for you by just giving us the POCKET WIFI IMEI unit number and type of package you want. We apply a 10% charge for Manual TOPUP.
1. For Seafarer using SIM2FLY or 3UK SIM Card – SIM2FLY or 3UK SIM is still cheaper in comparing with some package of GlocalMe apps.

2. GLOCAL ME apps covered more than 100 Countries where both AIS SIM2FLY or 3UK SIM is not available.


How can I TOPUP an AIS SIM2FLY if inserted in Pocket WIFI?
  •  For AIS SIM2FLY registered to SHOREACCESS, we can TOPUP the AIS SIM2FLY from our system directly. Just give us the SIM Card number.
  •  But for Manual TOPUP where dial code is required, you need to remove the SIM, insert to the mobile phone, Activate the TOPUP by Dial Code then you can return the SIM to Pocket WIFI once the TOPUP is activated.
WHICH 3UK SIM is applicable to use in this POCKET WIFI?
  •  Only 3UK Mobile Broadband SIM ( ThreeMBB) works with POCKET WIFI. 3UK SIM All-In-One package has no tethering function.
 What is the available package?
Can I use the GlocalMe device as a power bank?
G4 carries power bank function.  You can plug in the cable into the USB port and connect the charged device.
Under some circumstances, I can make a call but cannot connect to the internet. Why?

For some countries or regions, there might be only voice service available but no data service.


Why my device cannot reach 150Mbps speed?

150Mbps is just a theoretical maximum speed of downloading. Normally the actual speed is below that.


Why is my data consumption more than expected when using GlocalMe’s service?

Under Wi-Fi coverage, the smartphone may auto-update the APPs, expending a lot of data traffic. If you have an Android device, it’s necessary to set your GlocalMe WLAN as mobile hotspots to restrict Apps from consuming extra data. For iOS, turn off automatic downloads in general settings. Besides, you can simply turn on the“Economize Data Usage” mode on GlocalMe (By clicking“More”). After enabling this function, mass data consumption of automatic update and synchronization will be prevented (P.S. You are not able to access APP store if you turn on this mode)


How can I check my data traffic history?
Please login to your account from GlocalMe App or to check on it.
Will it consume my credit when I use “LAN to Wi-Fi”?

No. It won’t consume your credit if you change “LAN to Wi-Fi.”


Is there any network speed limitation?

We suggest going for a data package to avoid any speed limitation under fair usage policy.


How to start my package? Can I select the specific package?
Once you switch on the GlocalMe device and connect to the Internet, the data package related to your location will be activated automatically. When the account carry’s more than one package can be used locally, the package in which purchases in early time will be consumed in priority. Users cannot select packages by manual at the moment. You can return the non-activated data packages within seven days of purchase. The credits will back to your GlocalMe account.
 How much is Pocket WIFI G4 and Pocket WIFI U2S:
$ 160.00 or PHP 8,600 = For Pocket WIFI G4
$ 100.00 or PHP 5,400 = For Pocket WIFI U2S

NOTE: The price in the unit only, Price in Philippine currency is fix.


How can I order and delivery charge?
  •  Delivery charge to Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao are FREE!!
  •  We can deliver to any Japan Ports. $10.00 delivery charge applies.
  •  We CANNOT deliver outside Japan.
  •  For delivery in the Philippines – please send proof of payment and complete address with ZIP Code.
How can I order while onboard?

For Seafarer currently on board, we can arrange the delivery to your Vessel VIA joining crew. Let send your manning agent details, person in charge and embarking crew departure date. You can send the payment to disembarking crew or your family/friends in Philippine can process the payment.


While on board How can TOPUP the POCKET WIFI and Activate without Credit Card or Paypal account?
We can process the TOPUP manually but there is an additional 10% charges based on the TOPUP price in the apps. Example, you want to request a $10.00 package for 3GB 30 days. The following is the calculation for payment in Peso: Fix currency rate is PHP54.00 regardless of currency daily rate fluctuation.
  •  $10.00 – TOP-UP Price
  •  $ 1.00 – 10% charge
$11.00 x Php 54.00 = (PHP 594.00 total to be paid)
Send the payment thru Express PADALA or bank remittance or PAYPAL
We can process the TOPUP and Activate it immediately once the payment is confirmed.

The TOPUP package will automatically be loaded to your account.


1. Download GlocalMe APP. Scan the QR Code or downloading.
2. Register a GlocalMe Account ( in APP)
  •  Press Login – Register
  •  Follow the step to register an account

( You can register by email or mobile number)

3. Turn on the Pocket WIFI

  •  Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.
  •  Press Login on the home page and find the device QR -Code on the screen
  •  Press GlocalMe APP
  •  Press My Device – Activate Device
  •  Scan the QR-Code ( Step 3)
  •  Restart your Pocket WIFI after activation success
5. Connect GlocalMe Wi-Fi
  •  Press Hotspot on the Pocket WIFI and find the Wi-FI name and password.
  •  Connect your mobile device in the Wi-Fi setting
Note: Pairing the Pocket WIFI to GlocalMe mobile apps require an internet connection. Once your Pocket WIFI has Data, then you can connect and network coverage then you can connect to your Pocket WIFI.

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